What is AIsneaks?
Inspired by the possibilities of combining new technologies with creative areas, I created AIsneaks to develop sneakers with the use of artificial intelligence, designing unique futuristic models that do not yet exist.
Imagine wearing a pair of sneakers developed by AI and curated by designers. I believe it is an exciting proposal not just for me but for millions of tech/fashion and sneaker lovers.
How does it work?
Using thousands of existing sneaker models and a self-written code, AIsneaks learns to recognize these objects and recreates them in original versions and different designs.
The main technology used is a custom DCGAN, but some samples were also produced by an open-source and free licensed implementation of NVIDIA’s PROGAN.
The self-written DCGAN is inspired by Pytorch tutorials, open-source projects on GitHub, and articles on Medium.
How is it going?
The concept started being developed in January 2021 and was virtually released in September 2021 on some social media. AIsneaks already has more than 3.000 sneaker models that are going to be available in NFT and are ready to be produced.
The next steps are to build up the community further, deepen contact and find nice NFT partners/platforms to cooperate with.
I believe it is also a valuable opportunity for shoe/fashion brands to associate their names with the use of AI and advanced technology in their products, creating hype for their image and an object of desire that is cool for their audience.

Photo by Omoare Olaseni

✅ Develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that generates images of unique futuristic sneakers.
✅ Put together a collection and virtually release it on Twitter and Instagram. Connect with you, the community.
✅ Release a small AI/2D collection on Polygon/OpenSea to claim the world's first AI-designed sneakers as NFT.
🚀 Collaborate with 3D designers to create AI/3D, AI/AR, AI/Decentraland versions of the sneakers. Besides the unique design approach with AI, the NFT becomes more realistic and maybe even wearable in the metaverse.
🚀 Drop the worldwide first AI/3D NFT sneakers.
🚀 Partner up with a fashion brand creating hype for its image and an object of desire that is cool for its audience (virtual or physical).
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